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Magic Lantern Forum - Index While this site’s largest audience is teenagers, the second largest audience is grandmothers! New articles: recently added to the Teen Witch Encyclopedia of Witchcraft:  love baths  magick potpourri   Book: For those who are interested, there is now a pre-release version of the Teen Witch Book available for free download here. Magic Lantern Forum - Index. Show off your Magic Lantern created photos! Moderator N/A. Share with us your suggestions to make this site better.

Occult 100 In every nation in the world it is still common to find discrimination against Witches in education, housing, employment, and other activities, even if such discrimination is against the law. You can read the article and watch the two part video (using the latest version of Flash player) at Top 100 websites relating to the esoteric and occult.

Magick Meetups - Meetup Those who are just idly curious about witchcraft are welcome to read and learn. Find Meetups about Magick and meet people in your local community who share your interests.

Faeries likes and dislikes Faerie Magick This is a web site for real teen witches (and grandmother witches). You do not have to believe in faeries. You must be willing to objectively see what’s going on around you, but you don’t have to believe. The faeries are real.

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