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SYTYCD” Recap Whose Life Is It Anyway? NewNowNext And the Top 20 finalists are: (bottom row L-R) Malece Miller, Amy Yakima, Makenzie Dustman, (middle row L-R) Fik-Shun, Tucker Knox, Brittany Cherry, Nico Greetham, Alexis Juliano, Jade Zuberi, Paul Karmiryan, Curtis Holland, Mariah Spears (top row L-R) Jasmine Harper, Jenna Johnson, Carlos Garland, Alan Bersten, , Hayley Erbert, Bluprint, Jasmine Mason and Aaron Turner (by Mathieu Young/FOX) I kind of can’t believe this week’s episode lasted a full two hours: it went so fast! A very satisfactory So You Think You Can Dance judge. Jasmine Harper looks like Kelis as dressed like Charmaine from The Cosby Show. She detailed her dating history with Cyrus, which apparently ended last year.

So You Think You Can Dance" Season 10, Episode 5 Recap. Will Jade and Bluprint become a dream team or bitter rivals? Jun 5, 2013. “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10, Episode 5 Recap Graceful Movements in Graceland. And Jasmine Harper held her own, despite the “shocking” secret that she used to date Cyrus there he is again.

PHOTOS 'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap Top 18 Results. Or will they just crash and burn under the pressure of having to perform new styles? Did anyone else notice that Amy Yakima and Jasmine Mason had Sonya Tayeh-style topknots for their victory performance (which, um, Sonya Tayeh choreographed)? Jul 9, 2013. So You Think You Can Dance Recap Tides Are Turning, Bringing Winds of Change Updated. By Michael. Jasmine M even though it should've been Alexis. And now, let's. Jasmine H & Aaron. Jasmine Harper Aaron's Partner. The one. Did SYTYCD just accidentally promote date rape? Reply.

So You Think You Can Dance” Recap Me Maybe NewNowNext I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat for the rest of the season where these two are concerned. Jul 24, 2013. “So You Think You Can Dance” Recap Me Maybe. But the swiftness of this routine suffered a bit thanks to slow transitions and a couple of. stars like Amy Yakima and Jasmine Harper, you can't just survive a tough.

So You Think You Can Dance' Episode 8 Recap Top 10 Perform. Aaron had gotten cut at this very point last season, and we all thought that history would repeat itself in Season 10 as the judges told Aaron he was going home. me cynical, but it seems like everybody on reality TV has to have a tragic sob story—and the (arguably excessive) on-camera waterworks to go with it. (After a serious car accident, his ability to walk, let alone dance, was in grave danger.) Tonht, Tucker cried tears of joy after dancing the Stacey Tookey routine, left almost inarticulate by how his life has changed since the accident. Days ago. 'SYTYCD' season 14, episode 8 The all-stars revealed the top 10. Closing out the nht was Jasmine Harper and her pick for the Top 10.

SYTYCD – Interview with Hayley and Paul, last 2 to be eliminated. ) performances squeezed in between footage of anxious would-be Top 20-ers facing the judges. With the Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance winding down, with the. has Yak in her name. Fik-Shun & Jasmine Harper made up the top 4. that you'd make a great looking couple and should date in real life.

So You Think You Can Dance - Music, Videos, News and Gossip But lo and behold, Emilio Dosal’s unexpected injury freed up a spot for Aaron! But I still can’t decide if Mary Murphy totally ruined the genuinely emotional moment when she cooed, “You’re just overwhelmed, aren’t you? (L-R) Blu Print and Jade Zuberi: the bgest things in animation since Cyrus (by Adam Rose/FOX) 3. Jasmine Harper Season 10. Jenna Johnson Season 10. Paul Karmiryan Season 10. Gaby Diaz Season 12. Looking forward to the new season and seeing all.

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 10; 2013 - You can’t really get excited about such a turn of events, but points to Aaron for his amazing performance in Anthony Morerato’s tap routine last nht—way to prove that you deserve to be on the show. Against the odds, both Jade Zuberi and Dorian “Bluprint” Hector made the Top 20. SYTYCD 2013 performances. Finalist, Age, Home Town, Dance Style, Elimination date, Placement. Amy Yakima, 19, Northville, Michan, Jazz, -------------, Winner. Jasmine Harper, 20, Rochester, New York, Contemporary, September 10.

So You Think You Can Dance” Recap Meet the Top 20 - Dance Spirit Aaron Turner made it into the Top 20 at the last minute! Jun 19, 2013. Curtis Holland, Mariah Spears top row L-R Jasmine Harper, Jenna. There was so much classic “SYTYCD” drama to focus on, it felt like the.

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